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LONDON/BATILLY, France: Electric and hydrogen truck developer Tevva has raised an additional US$57 million from new and existing investors to establish a new manufacturing facility.

The company has now raised a total of US$70 million over the past 12 months in a bid to become a global manufacturer of mid to large-size zero-emission electric trucks – capable of longer range than pure electric truck alternatives due to hydrogen fuel-cell range-extension technology.

The news follows the launch of its first 7.5-tonne electric truck with a hydrogen range extender for UK mass production. First deliveries of this third-generation vehicle are scheduled from Q3 2022 as part of an annual 3,000-unit electric truck line.

According to the company the global electric truck market is expected to grow from US$1.15 billion in 2020 to US$14.19 billion by 2027. By removing affordability and range barriers to commercial electric vehicle adoption, Tevva says its truck sales will cut 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030 and help global economies meet their emission reduction goals.

“Following hot on the heels of COP26, this funding represents a rapid response to the latest targets and commitments,” declared Tevva founder and CEO Asher Bennett. “Mass production of our third-generation truck will help fleet operators take tangible action without compromising the economics of their business and, we believe, can enable ambitious government targets to be met ahead of schedule.”

In a related move, truck manufacturer Hyvia, a joint venture of Renault and technology company Plug Power, now has three hydrogen-powered vehicles designed and produced in France:
• Renault Master Van H2-TECH: a large van for transporting goods and packages, with 12m3 of cargo volume and a range of up to 500km.
• Renault Master Chassis-Cab H2-TECH: for various conversions, including a box van of 19m3, with a range of 250km.
• Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH: an urban minibus that can carry up to 15 passengers, with a range of +/- 300km.

"Hyvia is moving fast. After less than six months of existence, we [have] unveiled three Hydrogen Light Commercial Vehicles: a van, a chassis cab and a city bus [plus a] Hydrogen Refueling Station to offer customer options where [a] hydrogen infrastructure is still in development.” said CEO David Holderbach.

“Hyvia is about concrete solutions to be on track to meet the challenges of green hydrogen mobility and decarbonization of transport,” he added.

MARSEILLE: The CMA CGM Group and French renewables utility supplier ENGIE are to develop a business producing and distributing synthetic methane to maritime ship operators.

Both companies will share knowledge and R&D in carbon capture and green hydrogen production in a bid to raise awareness of biomethane (BioLNG) and synthetic methane.

Biomethane can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 67 percent compared to VLSFO (Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil) on a well-to-wake basis covering the entire value chain.

ENGIE is currently involved in synthetic methane development via pyro-gasification or ‘methanation’ technology using green hydrogen and captured CO2 to produce emission-free marine fuel.

A project to produce liquefied BioLNG has already begun at the Port of Marseille in partnership with Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence and TotalEnergies.

CMA CGM says liquefied natural gas (LNG), a chemically purified methane version of the originating fossil fuel, can reduce sulfur oxide emissions by 99 percent, fine particle emissions by 91 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by 92 percent.

The shipping and logistics group currently operates 20 vessels equipped with dual-fuel engines capable of using BioLNG and synthetic methane. Another 24 vessels will be added to the fleet by the end of 2024.

Last year it reduced overall carbon emissions 4.0 percent from operations, following a 6.0 percent cut in 2019.
AMSTERDAM: Royal Philips is offering additional incentives to approximately 200 suppliers in a bid to get at least 50 percent committed to science-based CO₂ emission reduction targets by 2025.

The company says successfully decarbonising its supply chain, via supplier support for capability building and preferential payment terms, will have an impact seven times greater than the reduction of CO₂ emissions from its own operations.

“Over the last few years, we have made major progress in reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. We have been carbon neutral in our operations since 2020 and source all of our electricity from renewable sources,” said CEO Frans van Houten. “[Now] we are at a critical point of urgency where we need to accelerate the global transition to climate neutral, circular and resource-efficient economies and societies.”

The healthcare industry accounts for around 4.0 percent of global CO₂ emissions. In the lead up to COP26, Philips has initiated a research project with the University of Exeter to study the environmental impact of the UK’s health system and evaluate how the company’s healthcare products and services can contribute to reducing the system’s footprint.

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